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Product Creation Case Study Nicheology

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Home Improvement with eBay and Craigslist, Paydotcom, Blogging & Autoresponder Series

On March 9, 2010, In product creation, By Paul Evans

Nicheology Mini-Case Study #2: PITR DIY Home Improvement with eBay and

One favorite PITR (Product in the Rough) from Paul Evans’ that has been put to good use by my company is

entitled, “Do It Yourself Home Improvement.” Here are several ways

we’ve used this document for lead generation and money-making avenues.

We branded the ebook and added a nice three quarter-sized ad on the

last page inside a bright yellow box with hyperlinks, created a nice

ebook cover for it, revised the sales page a little and sold the ebook

on Ebay. We offered bonuses, up sells (like bundle purchase discounts

on multiple titles) and cross promotions with other reports, like

At first we sold these as digital downloads until eBay’s digital

format policy prohibited this. Then we turned to burning the files

onto CDs, selling them in physical format, packaging them with bonus

stickers, mini-calendars, wrapped candies and / or other seasonal

goodies from a local wholesale outlet store in Ohio, plus promotional

items stuffed inside the mailer like print website postcards and

business cards with a special promo on the back side.

Hint: find wholesale lots of goodies on eBay to stuff in your mailers,

too! People love freebies – tiny wrapped candies, stickers for their

kids, small calendar / organizers and other stationary items.

Craigslist was found to be a great place to advertise the auctions,

directing people right to eBay. When you sell this way, you also

recoup some of your fees because of our own eBay promotions with sales

coming in via your own eBay (store) link. So this is a win-win.

Leads and sales of our other services and products are generated when

people surf the eBay auctions, store pages and leads-capture areas,

Craigslist ads and promos in our postal mailers. Plus funds are

generated as people visit the Google Adsense listings on web pages

linked off our eBay About Me page, the affiliate products being

advertised on our various linked site pages and our own company

products and services associated with the online promos.

Paydotcom, Blogging and Autoresponder Series…Oh, My!

Other ways we put this PITR to use include making an affiliate program

out of the ebook, blogging with some of the revised contents and using

some of the contents in autoresponders.

- We chose Paydotcom for the affiliate program software and management

solution, where for a one-time fee (I believe it’s still $50) you can

make unlimited digital and physical product as well as service

affiliate programs in just a few clicks, once you get the hang of the

- We revised some of the original PITR content, added photos with it

and published it on blogs, driving traffic to the eBay auctions, the

affiliate book site we set up, plus Google Adsense and affiliate

products advertised in the blog’s sidebars as well as a small ezine

leads-generation form, also in the blog’s sidebar.

- As people sign up for the ezine on the blog (and at other places via

squeeze pages), they receive short excerpts of the PITR in

autoresponder messages along with other related info, often from more

Nicheology PITR content of this same or a closely related niche. Leads

and sales are generated as readers click links to check out ads and

calls-to-action in the autoresponder messages, visiting eBay auctions

and our websites and blogs, as mentioned above.

Are there still more ways to use this PITR? Oh, yeah! Here are 10 more

a) Set up a squeeze page with multimedia for this for leads

generation. Offer a chapter for free to sign ups, then follow up to

sell the entire ebook – up sell with the CD or print version.

b) Turn the content into a video series.

c) Make an audio series out of the material – -a short series of podcasts.

d) Insert or package together your own home improvement tips, photos

e) Break up the PITR content, revise chunks and / or add blurbs here

and there (hint: add your own graphics or digital photos) for all

types of other promos: on Facebook, in Tweets, in press releases,

f) Use this in your own home improvement membership site.

g) Package this in any type of formats and use as freebies or up sells

with your other niche promotions, online or off, in classified ads,

flyers, sales letters, postcards and more.

h) Learn from the info; fix up your home office!

i) Make this into an affiliate program with Clickbank or other

j) Make a membership site out of this targeting the site around your

own niche. For example, what work from home business site doesn’t need

to help others with home improvements? Realtors, doctors, attorneys,

writers, Internet marketers, web designers…who couldn’t benefit from

There are still many other ways to put this one PITR to use. And

that’s not all there is in Nicheology. So stay tuned for the next

Nicheology Mini-Case Study and get ideas you can use for your own

Nicheology Service Packages from Moving Ahead

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Home Improvement with eBay and Craigslist, Paydotcom, Blogging & Autoresponder Series

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