About Hawaii Coalition for Health

About Hawaii Coalition for Health

The Coalition is a non-profit membership organization that is committed to assuring a vigorous and patient-centered

health care environment for Hawaii`i''s people, today and tomorrow. The Coalition''s goal is to secure a health care

environment for Hawaii that ensures the availability and adequacy of the services that are essential to the health

and well-being of all of Hawaii''s people, in times of good health and bad, and in times of catastrophe. A letter from the President.

Most of the policy-oriented discussion the public hears today is coming from health care plans and insurers,

who are generally very large and well-funded, and those in government who are responsible for the nation''s health

care tab. Their stated concerns focus on short-term cost-control. Most of us recognize that cost-control measures

have their place in the health care discussion. The Coalition is committed, however, to ensuring that the debate

is ultimately patient-centered and properly concerned with the long-term effects of today''s actions.

The Coalition is convinced that the great majority of health care consumers do not want a health care system

that meets only the needs of patients in good health. The system must be available to meet our needs when we are

sick or injured and need it most. In those times, the system must be capable of responding promptly, adequately,

It is clear, however, that there is an alarming trend away from our most fundamental health care values. We

hear more news everyday indicating that the primary concern of the industry that provides the financial link between

insured health care consumers and care is more concerned with successfully limiting benefits, than it is with responding

Our health care future cannot be entrusted to the middlemen of health care, insurance companies, HMOs, and associations.

Too often they see today''s bottom line as their primary concern. In our current rampantly competitive environment,

we cannot expect the middlemen to have the will or vision to establish and maintain a commitment to ensuring the

quality and availability of care in the future. We can only be certain that they will respond to our demands, the

demands of health care consumers, when and if we are resolute, insistent, and united. The future of our health

care system depends on you, on every one of us, becoming educated and involved. There is much you can do. The Coalition

is helping provide you with education and action alternatives.

We wish to emphasize that the Coalition recognizes that health care consumers are not the only activists our

future health care system needs. If the health care system is to be prepared to meet the needs of the future, informed

patients, physicians and health care providers, health care administrators and insurers, benefits purchasers, and

regulators must work together to mediate their respective interests in ways that promote the coexistence of quality

and efficiency, fairness and cost effectiveness. The Coalition is committed to bringing all of these interests

and voices to the effort to make Hawaii`i''s health care system the best in the world. A spirited debate is essential

to resolving our competing and mutual interests. We hope you will participate in the debate. At the very least,

you should expect some of the various interests to be in disagreement at any given time and to energetically advocate

The Coalition hopes that, because the people who make up each interest are all fundamentally allied because

all are health care consumers, we can all at least agree on one thing: that we want our needs met with the most

effective, efficient, compassionate, and well-prepared care possible. If we can share that goal, we can succeed

in making our health care system better for all health care consumers. Membership dues and contributions support

the Coalition. The Coalition''s members include patients and physicians. (We hope that we can soon expect financial

support from responsible health care plans and insurers and benefits purchasers.) The Coalition''s officers, staff,

and consultants, all listed below, are volunteers.

Hawaii Coalition for Health Consultants and Members

Legal Consultants* UH Law Professors:Jay Dratler,Jr. (Antitrust)Virginia Hench (Civil Rights)Richard Miller, Emeritus (Torts)Laurie Tochiki (Family Law)

Medical Consultants* Physicians:Barry Blum, MD.

Carl Yorita, MD.* Other Professionals:Suzanne Gelb, Ph.D. (Psychologist & Hypnotherapist)Andrea Guillory, Ph.D. (Ass.Prof.of Public Health)Melvyn Kawahara (Pharmacy)Caroline Kuba (Dental Hygiene) Alice Matsuno, MPH. (Nutrition)Linda Obayashi (Parent Educator/Social Work)Tiiu Talva, RN,MSN,MPH. (Ped. Nurse Practitioner)ORGANIZATIONS

Ruth Ellen Lindenberg AARP State Legis. Committee

Fed. of Physicians & DentistsSusan Wong, JD. Hawaii Medical AssociationCalvin Wong, MD. Hawaii Physician Alliance,Inc.Marion Poirier, MA.,RN. NAMI OAHU Richard Mitsunaga, MD. Pacific Medical Admin. Gr.,Inc.CONSUMER REPRESENTATIVES