© 2014 Copyrights - Health Impact of Modernization

© 2014 Copyrights - Health Impact of Modernization

CEO Address

It gives me a great pleasure to invite you to the international conference titled “Health Impact of Modernization” to be held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on March 4-6, 2014.

Over the last three decades, the people of Saudi Arabia have witnessed major cultural, economic, and social changes that influenced the incidence and burden of many health problems. Accordingly, the country is in need - more than at any other time - for a public health infrastructure that works with our medical system to prevent disease and improve health. Any realistic healthcare reform must emphasize prevention, not just treatment of the sick. Underlying our health care system’s many troubles are the fundamental problems of cost and accessibility.

Those are some of the many challenges that we face today and what prompted planning for this event. To the best of our knowledge, no similar gathering was ever organized at a regional level to address those challenges. The conference was structured to address various health issues assembled into four main tracks: obesity, nutrition, environment, and lifestyle.

I’m confident that we will enjoy the event and we could formulate a set of realistic and achievable recommendations that we would be committed to peruse. This event could be a landmark to adopt a new paradigm for the future of healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude for our distinguished speakers, eminent guests, and organizing committees. Special thanks to the sponsors who made this event possible.

Dr. Walid A. Fitaihi, MD, MPH, FACE
Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO
International Medical Center
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia