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It is Here for 2011! Salam Alaikum,

The MAC Youth High School Camp is here! Finally! This is the SECOND TIME we hold this camp! Organized this time by the MAC 4 High School team, this project is hoped to uplift the spirits...

Fee: $275 if Registered by June 21st

The MAC Youth High School Camp is launched by the MAC Youth Halaqa participants Our vision is to apply what we learn, and produce something positive. Ilm, manners, and skills learnt throughout the program will be tested when we work together in teams to produce something useful. Imagine if every Halaqa in North America had a project that produces something useful to the community at large. Definitely, it will make a change, inshaAllah.

“To establish an Islamic presence in Canada that is balanced, constructive and integrated, though distinct, within the social fabric and culture of Canada.”

“To develop committed Muslim youth capable of spreading and giving root to the comprehensive understanding of Islam, and to prepare them to be at the forefront in the development of their communities.”

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DonateCheck out why this camp is important! Running a camp is expensive, with all the logistics. Elhamdulilah, last year we had lots of donations to help cover the costs, so as to reduce the camp fees. This year, we have cases of high school youth that cannot afford to come to the camp, unfortunately, due to financial reasons. By sponsoring such youth, we enable them to gain from the experience, without missing out! Your help is direly needed. Donate today and get a tax receipt from the Muslim Association of Canada.

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