Double Your PPC Profits in 10 Minutes

Double Your PPC Profits in 10 Minutes

How would you like to double your profits from your Adwords, Yahoo, and MSN adCenter campaigns?

By making a few quick changes, you may be able to DOUBLE your profits from PPC campaigns.

You would be amazed at the dramatic boost in profits that are possible by tweaking various aspects of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

I have tested and optimized my campaigns over the past few years, constantly refining them for maximum profitability.

I am going to share the results of those efforts with you.

Advertising with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, or MSN adCenter can be a great way to bring instant traffic to your site. You don't have to wait for your pages to be indexed and ranked by search engines. You can build a site on a Monday, and start getting PPC traffic on a Tuesday.

But maximizing profitability from PPC campaigns can sometime be tricky. Because you are paying money for every visitor who lands on your site, you need to make a certain number of sales to cover your advertising costs, and hopefully leave some left over for profits.

In my experience, even profitable PPC campaigns are only scratching the surface of the total profit potential. Believe or not, sometimes a few tweaks can make a word of difference. I have seen profits go up 10 fold after implementing some of my favorite techniques.

The key to boosting PPC profits is maximizing your conversion rate, increasing the percentage of visitors who actually end up paying you money. Conversion rates of 1-4% are common for Google Adwords campaigns, and don't get me wrong, many of those are still profitable at that level. But if you can increase the conversion rate, even a small amount, profits can multiply.

I have been managing PPC campaigns for almost 4 years. I manage campaigns for my own web sites, and professionally for my clients. I have learned a lot in the process. I have tried and tested everything under the sun, and measured the results. I am constantly tweaking, constantly improving things. After hundreds of hours of experience and testing, I have core set of 7 powerful techniques that have a HUGE impact on profits.

While it took me years to refine and compile these 7 powerful techniques, you can put them into action in as little as 7 minutes.

The techniques are extremely effective, but they don't take much time or effort to implement. If you could double your profits in 7 minutes, would you do it?

Of course you would. Who wouldn't? We all know that time is money. With only 7 minutes of effort, your ROI on that time will be astronomical. Reading the "Double Your PPC Profits" report won't even take you very long. The report is 29 pages long, and details 7 powerful techniques that you can start using right away. To make it even easier, I have even included a BONUS landing page template with a powerful script that I created to help boost my own profits.

Just look at the table of contents:

Two ways to double your sales. Why the Conversion Rate is Important for PPC. 7 Techniques to boost the conversion rate. Combining the Techniques - An Example. Proof that it Works. BONUS: Landing Page Template and Script. About the Author.

The landing page template alone is extremely valuable. It includes a killer script that I came up with that can double profits by itself in some cases. I use it for every Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter campaign that I have. I really should sell the script for $97 -- its even worth much more than that. Instead, I am including it a BONUS with my "Double Your PPC Profits" report. (And don't worry, you don't need to be a programmer to use the script, its really easy to get going)

If you're serious about boosting your profits, you will get this report right now and read it today.

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$7 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the

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